So behind on life...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just checking in really quick to say that life is flying by and I'm still working on a getting caught up on blogging.  I thought it may be more helpful to try to write some shorter posts until that time comes...especially now that I'm on a super exciting rotation - OB-Gyn!

OB-Gyn has always been on my radar as far as specialties go (ok...what hasn't?). I really enjoy women's health and wellness topics and I love that the speciality combines all aspects of health care - surgery, procedures, and clinical medicine. There's definitely a lot going on in such a small area of the human body.

Since I'm doing my rotation at a smaller rural hospital AND I'm the only medical student on the service, there are tons of opportunities for me to get hands on! Today was only my second day on labor and delivery and I already got to first assist on a C-section. How cool! I mostly retracted and helped the OB with suturing - even got to hold the uterus. :)

Still have a whole month left to go but I have to admit - I miss the kiddos. I REALLY loved my month on Pediatrics and I hate not being directly involved in the newborn care after delivery. Hmmmm...seems like I'm starting to narrow things down! 

Regardless, this month is going to be great! I just may end up visiting the babies in the nursery a couple times ;)