I'm Officially a Fourth Year!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

How about that! Another year of school is over. I successfully finished my Family Medicine rotation last week and then took my last set of boards (COMLEX CE) on June 23. Let the 6 week wait for my scoress begin!

It's crazy to think that I will be an intern this time next year (fingers crossed). I will finally have a place to call "home", a career, and a PAYCHECK!

In the meantime, I just finished up my last little vacation before the whirl wind of sub-Is, away rotations, and interview season begins. We just got back from Florida where we spent several days relaxing with friends. Our friends were kind enough to invite down to their family house right on the water. Even though it was pretty humid and warm, it was such a fun time! Most days began with coffee and breakfast by the pool. Usually the husbands left around 9 to go fishing on the boat while us ladies hung around the pool all day - reading and laughing the morning away. At lunch time the men would show off their fishing haul and we would all have a quick lunch before settling in for more pool time until we went out to dinner.

Aside from a Tampa Rays baseball game and a night out in Tampa, we keep things pretty low key. Bed by 10 most nights after a few episodes on Netflix (Scrubs...because all future doctors watch Scrubs.) Sound boring? No. AWESOME. Sleep is such a beautiful thing. I cherished it after many weeks of exam-provoked insomnia and anxiety.

Tomorrow I start my fourth year of medical school. Another month in Pediatrics, mostly Inpatient. I can't wait to play with babies all day! Thankful to not come home and cram board studying in, that's for sure. Still, now its time to turn my attention to the list of things I have been neglecting or half-working on - Personal Statement, CV, ERAS application, and checking up on all those letters of rec.

Updates and catch up posts are forthcoming!