Weigh In Wednesday August 27

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Hump Day Blog Hop

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Hi all! No weigh in today. I just had my macros calculated a week ago and I want to give my body a chance to adjust to my numbers before freaking out over a gain/loss. 

Nearly perfect - I still need to figure out how to adjust the percents

For those that are wondering, my macros (in grams) are 75 F 152 C 160 P which is 1923 calories. Whoa. Seems like A LOT, right? When I was "eating clean" I was typically at 1600-1800 so it isn't a huge jump for me (I'm 5'8" and 200 lbs). The point is to give your body as much fuel as possible while still losing weight. After two weeks of hitting these numbers and no weight loss, then we would adjust a little at a time (probably carbs first). We want to keep that metabolism HIGH, not starving ourselves with 1200 calorie diets - that's when we binge! My body composition goal is to lose fat and still maintain my muscle which is why the protein is high. I LOVE muscle! 

Disclaimer - the protein is REALLY hard for me to hit. I don't like tons and tons of meat and I don't want my calories to come from lots of supplemental protein shakes and such. Whole food as much as possible! I have added dairy back into my diet - cottage cheese, some cheese, greek yogurt, etc. until I can figure out the protein thing. 

A typical meal: Sausage & peppers, roasted potatoes, and yummy asparagus!

I'm not going to get too far into IIFYM in this post but just know that I'm trying to fit as many nutrient dense healthy foods into my diet, while saving some macros for treats like peanut butter or a little cheese in my eggs. Just a more flexible approach - there are no "cheat days" -- it's up to you to work that burger or beer or ice cream into your daily totals if you decide you need a treat.

Perhaps you'd like to split a donut with your hubby - it's ok!

I took a few days off of working out last week after completing the Midsummer Shape Up Challenge and gave myself a chance to relax a bit at home - Nick and I went to his cousin's wedding on Friday and just relaxed with family Saturday and Sunday. Today after workouts on Monday and Tuesday, I am SORE! Like everything - forearms, back, legs, shoulders - all of it! 

Yesterday I started Day 1 of Ashley Horner's Pipehitter program which is a lot of strength and Crossfit style workouts. Loved it but clearly it kicked my butt! Calculated my 1 rep max for back squats to be #135 and my 1 rep max for deadlifts to be #155. I don't know whether that's considered a good start or what but I'm happy with it! Now granted that's maxing out with good form - I don't train with those numbers. The program instructs you to do about 85% of 1RM for the exercises she indicates. Then there are cardio style circuits in between. I think this is a great alternative to joining a Crossfit box which is what I really want to do but simply can't justify the price at this point.  I will review Week one of the program...in a week!

Other goings-on....another exam on Friday to finish out my Immunology course. Next course will be EENT! I am SOOO excited for this weekend -- 4 days off (because I have a Friday exam and no classes afterwards) and it's Labor Day weekend. Granted I will be playing catch-up in a lot of things like cleaning the apartment, laundry, finishing thank you notes (I'm horrible, I know), and reviewing for my other classes. Still making time for some fun - I'm getting my haircut right after my exam and then we have tickets for the Luke Bryan concert that I bought a LONG time ago. I keep forgetting we have them! 

This is what I'll be surviving on the next few days...iced venti coffee's - black

Off to go study - no class until this afternoon so I have to make the most of my time. We have a "pop practical" today in OMM which I'm worried about. I haven't been practicing a ton (planned to catch up this weekend) and I really don't want to take away time to study for that when I have a big final on Friday...don't you just love when they pile everything on all at once?

Do you count macros? Any results? How do you hit your protein goals, without dairy?

Weigh In Wednesday -- August 20

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!
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Another quick post for my weigh in because class is about to start! I really should start writing these posts on Tuesday night but I never know what I'm going to say! 

First and foremost -- I MADE IT TO ONDERLAND! I barely squeaked by but I'm here and that's all that counts! 

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last week: 200.8
This week: -199.4
Change: -1.4
Total Loss: 36.8

Yesterday I posted the following picture on Instagram. There is only about an 18 pounds different between the far left and the far right but I see a difference the scale cannot capture -- all in a year! The girl on the right has run 2 half marathons and found a love for exercise. She still loves pizza and peanut butter, but with portion control and a healthy dose of fruits and veggies.

My workout from last night in case you want fresh ideas (I try to publish more of my workouts - I like to mix it up!).

Meal prepped and ready for a very long day of class - pictured here is a TON of veggies, strawberry cheesecake yogurt (I'm eating some dairy again), spaghetti squash with pesto, and buffalo shredded chicken breast. So basically nothing goes together :) There may be a slice of pizza in there somewhere today because I'm attending two non-lecture presentations at lunch time and dinner time. May have to treat myself just a little bit!

Anyone else take an entire suitcase of stuff with them in the morning? I have at least two bags with me - plus a lunch bag. Today is a special day because our med school class was challenged by Indiana University School of Medicine to do the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. 

I know people are getting sick of seeing the videos on their newsfeed and whatever - but I think it's brilliant! At first I didn't really get the concept when it was super new but I think it's important to remember that the end result is positive - I don't know why there needs to be negativity. ALS (amylotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a disease we learned about in my Neuro block last semester.  It is an absolutely heart breaking disease - and it also gets very little awareness or research. No cure, no treatments beyond supportive therapy, and you basically become a prison in your own body - the course of the disease varies but it involves rapidly progressive muscle weakness and atropy. Think of everything you need and use those muscles for - movement, speaking, swallowing, etc. I think it's wonderful that they have raised so much money already and even if you don't know very much about the disease, people ARE becoming more aware and may go learn more! 

That's all for me! 
Are/have you done the Ice Bucket Challenge?

One down...a million more to go!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's already my second week of second year...things escalated VERY quickly around here. My first systems block is Immunology (the Immune System). Because the class is only three weeks long, we had our first exam yesterday. I had a week to learn 17 lectures worth of material so I apologize for my absence on WIW yesterday and other days as well -- working on the life balance aspect of school :) The good news is that I really like this material - I think Immunology is so fascinating! The body does an amazing job keeping us from getting sick but when things go wrong, it's interesting to see how the body responds. Some of the topics we're studying include hypersensitivity reactions (contact dermitis, serum sickness, anaphylaxis), congenital immune deficienies, arthritis, etc. Lots of very common things and some really rare genetic diseases!

With all that learning, I was doing a lot of printing... so much so that I got printer ink all over my face and hands. That's what less sleep does for a girl.

I have to be honest, it was really hard to get back into my studying groove last Monday - part of me is really glad I took the summer off and didn't really think about school but another part of me wishes I had looked over things and kept my brain fresh with learning. I'm not saying to study during the summer...maybe just read a few articles or do practice problems once in awhile to keep information fresh. 

Despite a tiring first week, my exam went really well! They released our grades this afternoon and I was pleased with my performance - I'm trying to step things up this year and be more efficient with my study habits. I'm happy that hard work paid off! Hoping to finish this course strong in two weeks for my final!

One of the new things I've added to my study regimen is maintaining my workout schedule! Revolutionary, right? In the past, I traded the treadmill for an uncomfortable chair and healthy food for midnight Taco Bell. Not anymore! Hitting the gym has become my study break - it's like hitting the reset button on your brain. 30 minutes later I'm refreshed, renewed, and ready to hit the books again. I feel ten times better than I used to.

You may be wondering how the Midsummer Shape Up Challenge is going. Today is officially the last day - 30 days straight of physical activity! After tonight's workout, I will have made it 28 days out of 30! Not perfect but it's a great start. Yesterday I didn't get a workout in - I needed rest and a drink with friends. Balance, right?

So week one is in the books! I'm going to try to do more "mini" blog posts to update throughout the week instead of trying to compile these big ole things. It's too daunting! 

Final tidbit of news: our wedding photos are in! I will share them very soon after tomorrow!

Weigh In Wednesday: August 13

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!
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Ash @ A Step in the Right Direction
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I'm posting this real quick before I head off to school so you can link up! I will come back and update ASAP! 

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last week: 200.2
This week: 200.8
Change: +0.6
Total Loss: -35.4 lbs

Calm Before the Storm

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Have you ever had one of those moments where time stops and all at once, everything is just "OK?" Despite all the chaos surrounding you...the deadlines, the commitments...you are overcome by an overwhelming sense of peace? 

Those moments are rare for me but I was blessed to experience a little calm before the storm this weekend. A small stitch in time before my life once again becomes a whirlwind of classes, exams, worrying & planning, and dealing with whatever else life throws at me.

Most of the summer I found myself dreading the moment when I would finally have to go back to school. Usually I am so ready for the summer to end - I love school (or I wouldn't subject myself to more than 20 years of formal schooling); I love back-to-school shopping, fresh, unadulterated notebooks, and the excitement of seeing friends.  Most of all, I really value the opportunity to learn and pursue an education (something many people take for granted).

The little black cloud of dread comes from the constant reminder that this year is SUPER important for our class. Board prep will start before we know it and soon we will be working harder than ever. Throw in a fledgling marriage, a new apartment, and changing social surroundings - it's a lot of new stuff! I'm worried that I've forgotten everything over the summer or that my brain won't remember how to learn. I'm worried Nick will feel neglected when much of my time is spent locked away in our second bedroom or when I can't lounge around with him and watch our obligatory post-dinner Netflix episodes every night. 

In spite of all these worries, I finally started to calm down in the past few days - maybe it's the finally stage of grief (acceptance) or maybe I'm actually excited to get started again. Regardless, it's time to tackle my second year of medical school.

Let's do this!

Weigh In Wednesday: August 6

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Hello everybody! Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!
Please go check out my sweet co-hosts!

Ash @ A Step in the Right Direction
Erin @ She's A Big Star

0.2. Seriously? Seriously? My first inclination when I saw that number this morning was to run to the gym and sweat for an hour...lose that water weight. Then I realized, that isn't the point and that makes me, once again, a slave to the scale. 

So instead I'm going to celebrate 36 lbs lost, gone forever and feel happy knowing there really is no way I won't reach my goal next week. You better believe I'm gonna celebrate with a few new pieces for school! Like these Minnie pants from JCrew (tried them on already, I'm READY!) and this JCrew Factory Henley Tunic. Just a few things to refresh my wardrobe - outfits perfect for professional events, shadowing my mentor, etc. 

Weighing In
Height: 5'8"
SW: 236.2
Last week: 201.8
This week: 200.2
Change: -1.6
Total Loss: -36 lbs

Today is our Student Activities Fair for school so last night I was charged with making goodie bags for Emergency Medicine Club. Anyone see the irony in giving candy out at a medical school :) Unfortunately candy is a lot cheaper than apples and almonds for 300 people...Moderation is key. Anyway, I definitely had a few pieces while I was making the bags - thank goodness for Jolly Ranchers! Those stupid candies are probably responsible for the 0.2.

I decided to start taking my measurements once a month to measurement my progress in addition to photos and the scale. No real changes in the arms or legs but I did lose 3.5 inches from my torso! I've noticed small changes in how my clothes are fitting, too. I guess all the little things add up!

Measuring Up (inches):
July 2 // August 6
Bust: 44    43      -1
Waist:35.25    34.25   -1
Hips: 46    45      -1
Bootay: 46.5  46     - 0.5
R Thigh/Calf: 28 // 16.5 same
L Thigh/Calf: 28 // 16 same
R Bicep: 13.5 same
L Bicep: 13.5 same

I'm actually pretty proud of how this past weekend went. Nick's parents came to stay with us (thank goodness for our two bedrooms...I have too much stuff!) on Friday night. I think I made really good choices - my weekend behaviors are getting much better.

We hit the gym as a family on Saturday morning and then went to brunch.
Holy moly! This was the best breakfast EVER - Ruth's Cafe at Keystone. Nick's dad and I shared with each other - I got the caprese eggs benedict and he got the pesto, asparagus, tomato scramble. It came with your choice of mixed greens or fruit so I decided to try the salad. Fantastic. We will be going back very soon.

On Sunday I went running at Eagle Creek Park for a little trail run/walk - my first "long run" of half training. It was a perfect day in the shade!

On Monday I made these AWESOME oven chicken fajitas - looked up a recipe for homemade fajita seasonsing, chopped up the veggies and chicken, drizzled with a little olive oil/seasoning, and roasted in the oven for about 30 minutes on 425 degrees. Amazing!

It's Day 17 of the Midsummer Shape Up? How have you been doing? Still going strong over here...yesterday I felt like I was 1000 lbs, like bricks were strapped to my feet. The gym sounded like a terrible idea but I went anyway. You never regret a workout, so make time for it! 

Did you know you can break up your workout into 10 minute intervals and still get the same healthy benefits? A 10 minute walk in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner is better than nothing at all! 

Venti Iced Coffee - fueling med students everywhere.

Happy Wednesday! How have you fit physical activity in when you didn't have a lot of time?

Medical Mondays: Resources for the Basic Sciences (Year 1-2)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Welcome back! I totally didn't realize the Medical Monday link-up was on vacation for the summer but here I am anyway!  Today I'm sharing my must-have resources for your first two years of medical school! 

Because of our systems-based curriculum, I found that the books & resources I use typically carry over to each system. Our school provided many "required" textbooks on our iPads but unless the reading was mandatory, I rarely used them. Textbooks tend to be dense and provide way more information that you really need. You don't have time for all that! 

Below are the resources I found to be most helpful during my first year. I will continue to edit this list based on your suggestions!

For anatomy, we followed along with a dissector and also had a class textbook or two. When it comes to anatomy, the key is repetition. The best way to study is to grab a classmate or two and quiz each other in the lab. Don't just ask each other what something. Think, "What would go wrong if I injured this nerve?" "What would be injured if a patient experienced trauma here?" etc. Anticipate exam questions - chances are they will not be straight forward but rather higher level thinking questions.  
    • Netter's Flashcards
      • These are great for on-the-go anatomy quizzing. I used to carry mine around where ever I went so I had something to study at all times. They are just like the Netter's Atlas and contain an excellent amount of information beyond identification questions.
    • Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy
      • Beautifully illustrated and very accurate with everything you need and many different views of the anatomy. It's a book of art!
    • Rohen Color Atlas of Anatomy
  • I actually preferred this book when I didn't want to head to the anatomy lab - it contains real photos of cadavers which is helpful because the anatomy is not colorful and pretty like in the Netter Atlas. I suggest starting with Netter's and then once you get more familiar with the material, start quizzing yourself with Rohen's.

    • ***First Aid for the USMLE Step 1
      • If ever there was a Bible for medical school, this would be it. Step 1 is the go-to book for board prep. I received my copy for "free" by signing up for an AMA membership. While I'm not studying for boards quite yet, it's a great resource that sums up topics and organizes information easily. 
    • BRS Physiology
      • I haven't purchased this yet (will be doing so before classes start) but I've heard great things. It summarizes everything and give you the high points you need for board review.
    • Goljan Rapid Review of Pathology
      • Basically a book of outlines. It's nice to refer to if I have a quick question but it can be kind of dense for everyday study. I don't think I will use it much for board prep but it helps me organize my thoughts and compare/contrast similar conditions.
    • Rapid Interpretation of EKGs
      • I used this book for our Cardiology/Clinical Medicine courses when we were learning to read EKGs (go figure, right?). It's idiot proof - literally has fill-in-the-blanks and walks you through basic EKG readings. It helped me a lot and contributed to my love of EKG interpretation!
    • Lange Pharmacology Flashcards
      • Pharmacology is not my strength. Probably because it requires rote memorization and not very much understanding. These cards are great - I annotate them as necessary but they usually contain all the information I need and more. Making your own flashcards takes way too long - these are a great shortcut! 

Osteopathic Specific:
    • OMT Review
      • The Bible for every Osteopathic Medical student. Unfortunately there aren't very many quality resources when it comes to OMM but this one really has everything you need. I didn't find it to be "enough" for my OMM class exams but I've heard it is completely adequate for board review. It isn't fancy or as nice as any of the other books so don't be alarmed by the austere nature of this text...you will hug it and love it and sleep with it under your pillow.
    • CV Physiology
      • For Cardiology/Cardio physio - my professor is the author of this website and the accompanying textbook. Very comprehensive and easy to understand. Lots of quiz questions, too!
    • Learn The Heart - EKG Practice
      • Another Cardio site - great for learning/practicing EKGs
    • Easy Auscultation 
      • Learn heart sounds - good for a beginner's understanding!
    • University of Michigan Anatomy 
      • I used this to quiz myself before exams when I was done in the lab. An awesome resource that was very similar to my Anatomy course exams (minus identifications - those are a little weak and hard to tell what is being tagged).
    • UpToDate
      • You will need free access through your school but as the name suggests, this is the perfect source for finding the most up-to-date, evidence-based medicine. Sorry but your professions won't be impressed if you reference Wikipedia in the middle of a small group session - go for a credible source like UpToDate.
    • The Cochrane Library
      • Another subscription service available through your school. This is a database of meta-analysis and other reviews of the most current medical research. 
    • Firecracker
      • A new app I just dowloaded - you select topics you wish to review and it provides all sorts of questions to quiz your knowledge. You can keep track of how well you know each topic - keep reviewing until you know it!
    • Resuscitation
      • A fun GAME, especially for anyone interested in Emergency Medicine. A "patient" presents to the ED, you decide what kind of physical exam to conduct, what labs, treatments, imaging, etc. to do. Then you create your differential diagnosis and narrow down to your official diagnosis. A very comprehensive app - it's edutainment! 
    • Figure 1
      • Instagram for health professionals! It's a great way to interact with fellow professionals while learning about rare/cool/interesting diseases and patient presentations. 
Beyond spending your monopoly money on review books & resources, I strongly urge you to find a mentor that is ahead of you in school to pull information from - preferably a 2nd year who can help you excel at your specific school. Some schools will provide access to old exams, quizzes, and certain school-specific resources like note sets. Sadly, we don't have many of these resources at my school just yet so I rely heavily on blogs, Twitter friends, physician mentors, and strangers for my information (SDN, anyone?). 

I certainly do not think it's necessary to have all of these resources - you run the huge risk of overwhelming yourself and going broke. Pick a few things that work for YOU and go with it. In the end, you are being texted on a specific set of information and not how you acquired it. Studying is very individualized so don't feel pressure to do what everyone else is doing!

I will continue to update this list. What do you think? Any other resources I should add?