Friday Five Things - June 28

Friday, June 28, 2013

Confession time: I'm a sorority girl. Well, I am a sorority alum now but I have a hard time separating from that part of myself. Exhibit A: My love of reading Total Frat Move, crafting/wining, and continuing to wear the sorority girl uniform. Not to mention the fact that every picture usually ends up like this: 

Or this...

Ummm..or this.

So anyway, at the end of chapter (our weekly meeting) we would share "Five Things" - they could be stories from the weekend, appreciation for a sister that helped them out, or something exciting that happened that week.  The stories were usually funny and entertaining.  It was a positive way to start off a new week and end the monotony of hearing a million announcements. 

That's when I got the idea to incorporate this idea into my blog.  I've actually been wanting to do five things for a while now but I just figured out how I wanted to do it.  

THEN I realized that almost everyone has some version of this on their own blogs and that I'm not being original AT ALL.  Oh well, here it goes anyway!

Five Thoughts
1. NBA draft
Two Indiana Hoosiers were drafted last night - #2 Victor Oladipo to the Orlando Magic and #4 Cody Zeller to the Charlotte Bobcats. I was hoping they would go to some local teams but I'm still thrilled!  Not much of an NBA fan but I'll definitely be keeping an eye on my boys!

2. Kenny Chesney
Tonight! I can't wait! I love all his songs from new to old. What are your favorites? He's performing with Eli Young Band and Kacey Musgraves.

3. Self-Tanner
From the age of 16 up until several months ago, I was a regular tanning bed user. I finally made the wise decision to give up tanning for good just recently. (And you want to be a doctor, Heather?) No more tanning memberships or occasional trips to the bed for this girl! If you tan, STOP NOW! 

I still prefer a healthy glow and I've done a lot of self-tanner testing over the years.  I think I found the perfect one! I'll do a review of it soon! 

4. 7th Heaven
Anyone remember this awesome TV show? I just started watching Season 1 through Netflix DVDs. 7th Heaven was my favorite show growing up! While I love my fair share of train wreck reality TV, it's nice to see a show about good old fashioned family values that doesn't involve spray tanned toddlers or blacked out teenagers.
5. I have a crying problem
I actually started CRYING during yoga class. I cry after I finish a run. I cried during Water for Elephants. I cried watching the NBA draft. I cried watching old IU basketball videos. And I can guarantee I'm going to cry to and from Bloomington like I did the day I moved there and the day I moved out. Clearly I'm hormonally challenged.
Five Workouts
Monday - Boot Camp (45 min) 
Tuesday - Power Yoga (60 min) + Running (35 min)

Wednesday - Spinning (45 min)
Thursday - Running (55 min)

Friday- planning on a HIIT + strength training (60 min)

That's all for Five Things Friday! Have a great weekend!

One of My Favorite College Memories

Thursday, June 27, 2013

"No time outs for Indiana...Jones...Watford for the win...YES YES." - Don Fischer

On December 10, 2011, I experienced one of my greatest college memories. If you haven't figured it out by now, I am a HUGE basketball fan and an even bigger Indiana basketball fan. After three seasons of rebuilding after our previous coach left the program in ruins, my senior year marked a turning point for our program and our school. 

Against #1 ranked Kentucky, our unranked boys held their own the entire game. When it came to the last play, with no timeouts left and UK looking to foul, Verdell Jones avoided contact with a UK player and made a last ditch pass to Christian Watford who threw up a three what would forever be known as "The Wat Shot." It went in. 

All I can remember about that moment as I watched from the balcony of Assembly Hall was the moment of panic and anticipation as the ball arced towards the hoop. I'm certain I held my breath. The next thing I knew, Nick had grabbed me into a huge hug and everyone was cheering, the noise was deafening. People were high fiving and clapping, in a whirlwind we started to exit and saw that the students were storming the court. We rode the wave of excitement to downtown Bloomington along Kirkwood. I don't remember much after that because of all the excitement.  

Indiana has one of the most storied basketball programs in the country with 5 national championship banners. They were also the last team in the country to have an undefeated season in 1976. Things changed when Coach Bobby Knight, "The General," was fired in 2000. Under two different coaches in the early 2000s, Indiana performed well but never reached the same acclaim as the teams coached by Branch McCracken or Bob Knight. When Kelvin Sampson was found guilty of committing recruiting violations and subsequently bought out of his contract, the program was left in ruins and taken over my current coach, Tom Crean. It was the beginning of a new era. The rebuilding began with just two inexperienced walk-ons left on the roster.
I share this bit of history to show just how monumental this event was in my college career. Between classes and exams, sorority functions and club meetings, nights out and days spent lounging around on the campus green, basketball was the glue that held my college experience together. Come game day, everyone was a Hoosier whether they were from the East Coast or West Coast, Greek or non-Greek, Indiana native or out-of-state, we all united around our sports teams - especially our basketball team. At the end of a long day of classes, I had a game to look forward to that I could watch with friends and just relax.

My first year at IU our team won only 6 games - a 6-25 record and the worst in school history. By my senior year, we progressed to 27-9 with a Sweet Sixteen appearance. This year we were 29-7, Big 10 Champions, and again made a Sweet Sixteen appearance. The best part? Indiana has been in the Top 15 in the country for fan attendance every single year since Assembly Hall opened in 1972.

Today is a little bittersweet for me. Three of my favorite players will enter the NBA draft.  While I'm excited to see them progress to the next level, I'm also 
sad that these players that have been so instrumental to the success and rebuilding of the program will be gone. They left big shoes to fill.

Cody Zeller - Via

Christian Watford - via

Victor Oladipo via
I still look back on these old videos and photos and can't help but get emotional.  This win solidified that Indiana was back and I can't think of many college memories greater than this game.  It may seem silly to some people to be this excited by something as simple as basketball. To them I can only say one thing - It's Indiana.

Weigh In & Workout Wednesday - June 26

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pretty Strong Medicine


It's already Wednesday, my loves! My favorite day of the week(ok, this is so false.) It's my favorite blog day of the week, though!  

Tomorrow is the official end of my Advocare cleanse! Yay! I'm going to "extend" my clean-eating to Friday night which is the Kenny Chesney concert.  I plan on staying very hydrated that night, if you catch my drift. My friend's wedding is on Saturday and I have a date with some of my favorite Bloomington establishments - Nick's, Kilroys, The Tap, maybe some Pizza X cheesy bread. Basically a 48 hours pass for being really, really bad and having an epic time!  Then it's back to the kicking ass and losing pounds on Sunday! I'm not stopping!

My energy is high, I'm feeling really, really good and really motivated to keep going on this journey. For a few weeks I was head conductor of the struggle bus but things are really looking up! 

Not going to share solid numbers with you today. I'm saving that for Friday. I will tell you that I've hit a number I haven't seen in over a year. It's not even about the number for me today.  It's the fact that I've managed to stick with something I put my mind to and that I've reengergized my weight loss.  

I'm gonna say. I'm really proud of myself. Have I been absolutely perfect, amazing, awesome at the cleanse? No. Do I deserve a medal? Probably not. But I proved to myself that this doesn't have to be a horrible, awful experience. I am still able to enjoy life without relying on food to help make it special or memorable. I definitely have a long way to go still and a lot of goals to accomplish but I'm getting there and I'm making solid progress.

For Workout Wednesday, I want to share with you a fun little workout that's a little outside of the box. We have an amazing Nature Center in Cincinnati with miles of trails, community programs, birding, and more! I bought a pass last fall but really didn't start using it until this spring. Now I love it! 

I usually walk/run the trails but sometimes you want to get a complete body workout, too! Here is a workout for when you are walking the trails - maybe you have a nature center or community park near you that you can try it at! Let me know how it goes! (Don't be afraid to bust out some squats on the trail...everyone else wishes they would've thought of it.)

I Believe...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I found the idea for this post on Ash Ann Pow who I found on the last Medical Monday.  What a cute blog!

I think it's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day negativity that surrounds us. There are so many jaded, unhappy people who usually unintentionally want to stomp all over your good mood.  I made this list to have something to look at when I have those kind of days. I hope you enjoy and please say some of your own "I believes..."

I believe that reading a good book can bring peace to your mind.
I believe you can never have enough iced tea with lemon.
I believe laughter can heal any hurt.
I believe in cherishing your friends and family.
My mom, my grandpa, and I
I believe it’s ok not to have all the answers but to keep trying anyway.
I believe someone needs to invent calorie-free ice cream.
I believe in owning far too many nail polishes and makeup supplies.
I believe one day I will fit into my skinny jeans from high school.
I believe in wearing yoga pants or norts 75% of the time.
I believe I will never wear a pant suit for an interview.
I believe in keeping things simple.
I believe that it’s more important to have a few best friends than a million acquaintances.
I believe you should never stop learning.
I believe in traveling the world & experiencing new cultures.
I believe in seeking the best in people even when they may not see it themselves.
I believe it's ok to go out with your friends and drink a little too much.
I believe in the power of a good curling iron and a teasing comb.
I believe pearls and diamonds will never stop being classics.
I believe that I need to keep my body strong and continue to challenge it.
I believe in buy bridal magazines even though I’m not engaged.
I believe your best friend is the one you should spend forever with.

I believe that everyone is beautiful.
I believe that healthcare and education are the two most important issues in our country.
I believe in enjoying a strong margarita & cheap beer equally.
I believe I can get better each day.
I believe in strong women.

I believe in being a girly girl but also knowing when to get dirty & sweat.
I believe in lifting heavy and challenging myself daily.
I believe in God who strengthens me.
I believe a smile is the most beautiful thing a person can wear.
I believe in medicine and the power of healing.
I believe in glitter.
I believe in the Indiana Hoosiers.
I believe in making awkward faces 90% of the time.
I believe I could live exclusively on bread, cheese, and fruit.
I believe I need to work on being more patient.
I believe peanut butter is the food of the gods.
I believe that I will never enjoy sleeping under my comforter and sheets 
I believe that I should be a few inches taller because my feet are so big!
I believe that forgiveness is not easy but necessary.
I believe in working hard and staying humble.
I believe that pink will always be my favorite color.
I believe the best years of my life are still to come.
I believe the best years of my life so far were spent at IU with my best friends.
I believe that I should've been born in the South.
I believe thunderstorms and cuddling are two of my favorite things.
I believe that online shopping is my biggest addiction.
I believe that I'm becoming a runner.
I believe that I will never be a coffee drinker.
I believe in pretending to be creative even when it doesn't turn out the way you want.
I believe that I am so glad I started blogging and connecting with all of you!

Guest Blogging: I want to let you all know that I'm open for guest posting if any of you are interested!  Anything you want - especially fitness/health related or medicine related. Your ideas are welcome! 

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Nothing Exciting to See Here...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday Mingling


Today I'm linking up with for Monday Mingling and I <3 Bloglovin'! 

We only have one week to find a new reader for all our blogs before Google Reader goes away.  I highly recommend Bloglovin'!  It's the only way I keep track of all the blogs I read and you can import you Google Reader in one click! 
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Another chill weekend.  Nothing exciting to report. I honestly love weekends where I have nothing special planned - especially after long weeks. 

I kinda feel like I'm letting life pass me by right now. I'm waiting for work to be over, to start school, and to have more free time time to sleep. I'm like a half version of myself. I'm cranky and irritable and I'm losing sight of the fact that I only have two months left in my hometown. Such a crappy feeling but it's about to get better...

On a more exciting note, this weekend is going to be EPIC. Friday night we have the Kenny Chesney concert which everyone and their grandma is going to. It will be Uh-maz-ing! 

Then on Saturday, I get to go "home." 


AKA Bloomington, IN. My roommate/sorority sister is getting married so I will be reunited with my best friends and I get to celebrate in my favorite little corner of the world. Could it get any better? Other than letting me start college in the fall as a freshman and live it all over again, no!

Part of the reason I decided to start the Advocare cleanse was in preparation for the wedding. I'm scheduled to end on Wednesday but I'll probably keep going until Friday night and then take two days off for the celebrations. 

I was really worried about how this weekend would go while cleansing. Nick and I both live at home right now so I usually head to his parent's house for the weekend. We are on our own for meals a lot of the time since he and I or his parents are usually out and about.  This usually results in us eating out a lot.   

I'm just gonna say it...I cheated a little this weekend.  I still did my best to make good choices and stay within the guidelines about 75% of the time. I'm not too upset about it considering all the temptations that I was up against but I am interested to see how the scale responds tomorrow morning. 
Shrimp lettuce wraps
We tried a new restaurant this weekend called Yard House. First of all, the menu was huge with so many yummy options and over 160 beers on tap. Talk about unfair!  That's my biggest accomplishment of the weekend - I didn't drink at all even though Nick joked about how boring I was.  Oh well, it's one weekend! :) That's pretty pathetic isn't it? 

On Saturday afternoon, we decided to check out Findlay Market which is a huge farmer's market in Cincinnati. It was my first time visiting and I wish I would've taken more pictures!  We ended up getting some delicious gelato - mine here is a vegan mango rum sorbetto which tasted like heaven! ('s fruit, right?) It reminded me of the three weeks I spent in Germany between my senior year of HS and freshman year of college.  I think we ate gelato every single day. YUM - so much better than regular ice cream.

I was just asking for trouble with temptation. For dinner we ate at The Wine Guy which is an awesome restaurant at The Banks project right on the Ohio River. They have a HUGE selection of wines and I didn't get to try any of them. Seriously, what was I thinking doing this to myself?  
To make matters worse, we had a waiter that thought he was a lot funnier than he really was. After I told him I was just having water he proceeded to keep pressuring me to order a drink (I mean really...). It was funny the first time but after that I was starting to getting really annoyed and frustrated.  I said "no," now get the eff away from me (and lose the gold chain!). Thank god I didn't say I was doing a cleanse or he probably would've shoved bread pudding down my throat. Strange dude.

Look at all the pretties!
The rest of the weekend was spent watching crappy TV, taking the dog for walks in 90 degree weather, and avoiding any sense of productive behavior. Now as I hit the home stretch of this cleanse, I'm gonna buckle down and kill it! Next weekend is going to be the perfect motivation! 

Here's my pretty city. I'll miss it!

How was your weekend? 
How do you avoid or minimize weekend temptations?
Do you like the new comment system (Disqus)? I'm not sure yet.

Advocare Cleanse Update: Day 4

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Straight cleansin' yo.

Never do that again, right? Right. I started the 10 Day Advocare Cleanse on Monday and I just wanted to do a mini update to share how it's going! 

I loveeee strawberries!
I've been following the meal plan guidelines about 95% of the time. So far, eating clean hasn't been that rough. I'm not hungry or craving things that much but I'm a little concerned about how this weekend is going to go.

 My mom and I have eaten out a few times this week so I've done my best to make good choices. For instance, today we went for Thai food after visiting the Krohn Conservatory. 
Mixed Veggie Stir-Fry with Tofu (I avoided the rice...ok, I had a bite)
I did accidentally slip up when I realized the clean chicken sausage I bought from Costco (no nitrates, preservatives, etc) was apple & gouda flavored. Whoops! So I ate what I prepared and I froze the rest for a rainy day. I have managed to completely avoid all intentional dairy and gluten which I'm pretty proud about!
I had veggies later, I promise!  My first meal after waking up.
I would love to be adding cheese to my salad or my eggs and I'd love to have a big glass of chocolate milk after boot camp but I don't NEED it. I feel really bad about the almost full milk and full container of cottage cheese that will waste away in the fridge. Hopefully my mom can take care of that. All those poor Babybel lonely!

My energy is pretty decent considering I get about half the required amount of sleep that I need in a given week. Goodness I'm so tired of this work schedule!  Ten more days of work.  As my grandpa would say, I'm FIIGMO (apparently an Air Force term) meaning "Forget it, I've Got My Orders - aka I'm outta here!  

I have been feeling kind of bloated and uncomfortable which is probably due to the fiber drink - I ordered the citrus flavor.  It's really not as bad as I thought it would be.  It all collects at the bottom so when it gets too thick, I just add more water.  Problem solved.  Basically it tastes like lemon flavored sawdust...but what should I expect from insoluble fiber? meh.

I thought I ordered Pink Lemonade Spark but apparently I got Fruit Punch. I definitely get a "boost" of energy but it reminds me of the anxious feeling I get - mind-racing, fuzzy, unable to focus - all the things I try to avoid. I don't hate it for the energy boost but its not something I see myself repurchasing at this point. I really don't want to become addicted to any type of energy supplement - hence why I don't drink coffee like every other med student.

I decided to finally break out my juicer last night!  I need to find a way to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. I NEVER eat celery, carrots, or cucumbers on their own, even covered in ranch. Yuck. Sadly, you lose the fiber when juicing so I won't rely solely on that method. Sometimes a juice just hits the spot!  

I made a veggie juice, apple juice, and carrot/apple/ginger juice. So far so good...I doubt I will juice very often - the prep and clean up was kind of intensive.  I'd rather make a green monster smoothie and call it a day.

I'm not going to share my progress until the very end but I can assure you that the scale is moving!  I'm making up a little for my wild weekend of wings and piss water (Miller Lite).  Regardless, progress is being made and I'm excited to keep going!
Umm...that happened.  But NO MORE!
4 days down, 6 more to go! I can't wait to see how the next week goes!   Interview

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A few weeks ago, I was approached by the lovely people at to do an interview for their bloggers in medical school series. One of my very favorite bloggers and fellow Hoosier, Andrea @ A Doctor in the House was also featured on there a while ago.  If you enjoy fitness, eating healthy, medicine, or science, go check her out!  She is the sweetest girl ever - so nice and inspiring!

You can check out the interview here if you'd like to learn more about applying to medical school and my personal experiences! I would love to answer any questions you all have if anything comes to mind.  In the future, I will be talking more about being pre-med, application preparation, and more! 

Do you like my glasses?  I found them in someone else's kitchen

Over and out!

Weigh In & Workout Wednesday: June 19

Pretty Strong Medicine

Welcome!  I can't believe it's already Wednesday again. Life is going by quickly these days...

As always, please go check my co-hosts out!  They rock my socks off!
I hope everyone had a better week than the last one.  It felt like many of us were stuck in a rut or having some trouble. 

One way I chose to deal with my rut was to start the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse.  You can read about why here. (No, I'm not being sponsored in any way...I just caved to peer pressure.)

So far, so good!  I'm actually not having that much trouble with "eating clean" ( why is it so hard all the other days of the year?). I'll definitely have an update for you later today or tomorrow! 

Just woke up! So I stayed the same AGAIN this week. I guess I got a little overzealous over the weekend pre-cleanse. A quesadilla was eaten, several boneless wings, and probably 50 other things. Aside from taking the dog for a 20 minutes walk, I don't think I engaged in much physical activity. I was actually up on Monday when I started the cleanse. I'm not sharing exact results until it's all over but the scale is moving!  I don't want to jinx it!  Look for an update tomorrow morning!

The workout portion of this post is less promising. Summer heat has finally hit us here in Cincinnati!  Last night at boot camp, it was just kind of miserable.  It wasn't really that hot but it was muggy.  When you're sweating and the moisture is basically being enveloped on your skin, the cooling mechanisms just don't work. Instead of being tired from pushing myself, I felt grumpy and sticky.  I definitely could've worked harder.

Excuse time. Because of the nature of my work schedule, the only time I can workout is in the afternoon. (aka the hottest part of the day) So i haven't been running in a little over a week.  Not good for someone that has all these races coming up... I either need to suck it up and run in the morning when I get off before I sleep or suck it up and run in the heat. I sure wish I still had my gym membership but I decided to try the power yoga studio instead of purchasing a summer pass. Not a bad decision...but probably not the best value for my paltry salary.
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We Should Get Jerseys, 'Cause We Make A Good Team

Monday, June 17, 2013

Today I'm linking up with Postcards from Rachel and Northern Belle Diaries for I <3 Bloglovin'...because I do!  Google Reader is going bye-bye and we all need a great place to follow our favorite blogs! (Maybe...idk...Pretty Strong Med?.  Just a suggestion)

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So much for weekend shenanigans - I didn't have ANY. Nick and I literally sat around all weekend.  Aside from taking the pupperdoodle for a walk and going out to lunch twice, we pretty much stayed at home watching movies and baseball. And it was perfect!

So in lieu of a fun post recapping the amazingly entertaining weekend I had, I decided to do something fun with the BF. We did a couples survey.

I saw this survey on another blog (I'm sorry! I don't remember which one so if it was you, let me know and I'll credit back) and I mixed in questions from other surveys to create this little gem. 

What cracks me up is that Nick begged me to put our results up (I guess he thinks he's funny or something?). He doesn't realize that most of the time, the blogging world stops on weekends aside from Instagram pics and Tweets. So here we go...the unedited, totally honest Heather + Nick survey fun.

How long have you been together? 
H: six & a half years. since junior year of high school
N:6.5 years. The .5 means a half. I don't like fractions.

Where was your first date?
H: unofficial “date” was at the mall. first official date? an Elder basketball game & Skyline for dinner.  I think it was a double date with our best friends at the time.
N: A mall. I should have known then I was dealing with a serial shopper.  

 Where was your first kiss?
H: I know it was the night of the Elder basketball game. Probably his parent’s basement. Big purple couch.
N: In my basement on a couch with another couple on the other couch. I'm all about romance.

Who first said, "I love you"? 
H: Nick. also in his parent’s basement.  I said “Thank you” and went back to watching the movie.
N: I did. Her response? "Thank you."

Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple?
H: Kansas City. Last fall Nick went with me to a medical school interview.  Thank goodness I didn’t end up going there - it was an 8 hour drive. He was so sweet and drove most of it both ways because I was so tired.
N: Kansas City. I was happy we both made it out alive.

Who has the best group of friends?
H: We both have good friends - especially from college.  I’m gonna go with mine though because we spent more time with them together.
N: Me, despite whatever bs Heather says.

Who has the worst temper?
H: Nick but I’m not far behind. We are both pretty passionate and stubborn.
N: Me. I'm not very patient, and when I lose my temper it looks worse because Heather is passive aggressive. I am not.

Who is more social?
H: Nick is more social with “adults” and I’m more social with people our age.  We are both natural introverts & can be a little awkward :)

N: Despite not having a blog, I am.

Who is the most stubborn?
H: Me. I’m a pain in ass most of the time.
N: Again, me. Thank you for that wonderful trait, mom!

Who wakes up earlier?
H: ME. If I had my way, I would go to bed every night at 10-11p and wake up at 7-8a.  Nick would love to sleep until 12 or 1p
N: This is a bogus question. Heather stays up all night. (referring to my job)

Who has the biggest family?
H: Nick. I love Nick’s family because no one is divorced and everyone has siblings - good Catholic families! 
N: I do. Heather said no one-word-answers, so rather than saying, "Me" I went with "I do."

Do you have little pet names for each other?
H: Nick calls me Hezz mostly.  It was a childhood nickname. I call him a lot of things but I usually call him Nicky.  When one of us is acting dumb, we call each other our parents names.
N: Heather has pet names for me. I call her Hezz, but that's not really a 'pet name'

Who is the smartest?
H: He is very streetsmart and has a lot more common sense than I do.  I would say I’m naturally more “book smart” but he also did very well in school...Economics major. What???
N: Heather will say she is, because she knows worthless Jeopardy! answers. Unfortunately for her, knowing who was the 3rd Queen of England is never an interview question.

Who is the most sensitive?
H: Who finds a way to cry on most days? Me! I would say I’m not always sensitive to others though...I can be petulant at times.
N: Heather hands down.

Where do you eat out at most as a couple?
H: Any place that serves beer :) We like to try new places a lot because we both enjoy good food. Go to fast places: Skyline, Dewey’s Pizza, Larosa’s, Five Guys.
N: We're pretty good about trying a lot of places, honestly. I would say Dewey's Pizza is the place we go most, though.

Where do you shop the most as a couple?
H: I’m not allowed to shop. 
N: I. Hate. Shopping. So, we never really shop as a couple, it's more of Heather looking at stuff and me complaining until we leave.

Who is her celebrity crush?
H: Luke Bryan!!! Honorable Mention to James Marsden, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Renyolds. 
N: I honestly have no idea. I guess Luke Bryan, or that one guy who plays some character named John who is in the army, but falls in love with some actress with bug eyes.

Who is his celebrity crush? 
H: He doesn’t know many celebrities. He does still have a Britney Spears poster in his room.  Maybe Faith Hill or most blondes.
N: Kate Upton

 If she was ordering drinks for both of you what would you each get? 
H: Miller Lite.  
N: Miller Lite. Slam dunk answer.

What's his & her go-to drink at Starbucks? 
H: me? iced green tea or soy chai latte. Him? black coffee - dark roast.
N: One of those milkshakes they serve with a teaspoon of coffee. (he didn’t follow directions)

What is the best meal she has ever cooked you? 
H: Grilled Turkey and Cheese sandwich 6 years ago. That was the last time I cooked for him.
N: I think the only thing she has ever "cooked" me. A sandwich a long time ago. We usually team up for cooking

What is the worst meal she has ever cooked you? 
H: I never cook!
N: By default, the sandwich she made, because it's the only thing she's ever "cooked" for me by herself.

What would she say is your most annoying habit?
H: He checks his stocks every five minutes. He’s also super long winded and won’t get to the point when telling stories - I stop listening. 
N: Too many to choose from, honestly. I'm going to go with clicking my fingers and toes when I'm thinking.

What would he say is your most annoying habit?
H: I’m not very responsible with money. (aka I love to shop). 
N: Picking at my face and back.

What would you say is your favorite thing about her? 
H: Probably my sense of humor. We laugh together, a lot!
N: How caring and loving she is. I joke with her a lot, and give her crap, and she always knows I am kidding and laughs it off. Likewise, she makes fun of me and gives me crap, but it's all in good fun. I love that we can joke with one another, and we always have fun together no matter what we do. She is by far the sweetest person I have ever met, and I wouldn't change a thing about her. Except maybe the picking and getting upset about what I wear. That I would change.

What would you say is your favorite thing about him? 
H: He is kind and thoughtful to everyone but he also knows how to laugh.  I just love the way he carries himself - I am never worried about introducing him to anyone because he’s so polite and good at talking with anyone.
N: That I know how to handle money and budget. She likes spending my money because of that.

That was fun! Seriously though, we laughed a ton and it made for a good time just to see how close some of our answers were. Hopefully we'll have some more future collabs together.  He's a goof, isn't he?