Week 1 of Whole30 and Psychiatry

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Derp. Hello! Just wanted to pop in really quick to recap the past week. My life basically revolves are a small percentage of things: work, making food, eating food, thinking about food, and cleaning up after my food prep. Welcome to the Whole30. 

Chicken sausage, onions, peppers, and roasted potatoes.

Everything is going just fine this time around. Like last time, weekends are pretty much the worst. It's almost sad that my husband and I don't know what to do with ourselves. We could go see a movie...but then I'll want popcorn. We could go out to dinner...but then we'll want some wine or dessert. We could go out with friends...but then I'll want to eat all the things. Whole30 is a social life killer. 

I did meet up with my friends after work on Friday afternoon. Of course they indulged in a deliciously cold adult beverage while I opted for lemon water. They noshed on chips and guac while I loaded up on a delicious unless burger atop greens with a side of broccoli. It was actually pretty tasty so I can't complain :)

See this? This is the other fun part about Whole30. Dishes. (And this is just ONE DAY's worth). Nick and I feel like our kitchen is constantly in a state of being cleaned. We never can get ahead of it! Prepping 95% of our meals certainly takes time (and seems more costly even though it isn't) but it IS going to pay off! And we keep getting better and better at it!

Now that I'm done being a grouch (yes, I've been pretty moody lately), I have to admit that Whole30 is coming at the perfect time for us! We just could NOT get out of our vacation rut. This month is the perfect time to start over. I'm already feeling lighter and more in control again. Getting plenty of nutritious, healthy foods in my system is helping my acne-prone skin clear up and my belly issues calm down. I'm feeling more energetic but I am having some minor cravings for my favorite foods.

My Psychiatry clerkship is going well this month, too. Our schedule is very manageable compared to Emergency Medicine (no overnights) and we're seeing a wide variety of mental illness and conditions. I'm actually pretty interested in Psych - I will definitely be doing an elective or two during my fourth year! Probably in Child & Adolescent Psych or maybe Outpatient. 

Our schedule changes from week to week but our mornings are always spent on Inpatient Psych with our preceptor. Then after lunch, we spend the afternoon in Groups, the Crisis Center, or two different Outpatient psych centers. I love getting to see the different levels of care and how all the team members interact to care for patients - nurses, therapists, mental health counselors, PA/NPs, & docs. 

For this week, I'm at the Outpatient center spending time with the doctors and sitting in on therapy sessions. My goal for this week is to really master the Mental Status Exam and to work on my question bank/review book daily to help prepare for my COMAT exam at the end of the rotation.

I'm also making my public commitment here to not skip out on my workouts this week. I don't know what has gotten into me but I'm back to my old ways again. I've been getting myself all worked up/anxious about going to Crossfit or running and then I talk myself out of it completely. Not happening this week! 

I'm committing to three Crossfit classes and two additional lifting/running sessions this week. There. Now it has to happen! 

Do you ever talk yourself out of workouts? How do you stay accountable?


  1. I'm in psych right now too (PA student)! It's totally NOT my jam. Lol. I am an ER girl! I have the same books though and think they're super helpful

  2. The dirty dishes is what keeps me from doing whole30 again. That's such a lazy excuse but between that and making sure my husband has 3 meals to take to his 24 hour shifts, along with working full time and having a toddler, I just can't muster up the energy