Moving & An Updated Interview

Thursday, April 7, 2016

It's already April! Can you believe it? Three months until I'm finished with my third year. *does celebratory dance* This time next year, I will be starting my LAST clerkship rotation and preparing for graduation. 

But for now, I'm gearing up for the impossibly exciting and terrifying process of applying to residency and taking another round of board exams. (Actually, I already took one of them but that's for another post...). So what better time than now to MOVE. 

Now to be fair, we didn't move far. Just down the street to a house, instead of an apartment. We are all apartment-ed out at this point. We originally planned to stay in our place one more year but we found a great deal on a rental house and took the leap.

I couldn't be happier. We have space. A garage (no frosty windows!). No noisy neighbors. Plenty of storage. Extra rooms. Our new place isn't quite as "polished" as the apartment but it's already starting to feel like home. I can't wait to share some decorating/DIYing in the future.

Another update - I recently did a follow up interview about medical school with Go check it out for a few updates on school and life!  Hoping to be a little more active on the blog in coming weeks but don't forget to follow me on my other social media accounts for more current updates.

Questions? Leave them below! I'd love to do a Q&A blog and/or vlog in the near future!  

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